Friday, 26 May 2017

Common Mistakes that May Damage Your Teeth

Being careful about the oral health is not hard if you follow the small steps on the regular basis. However, if you feel a toothache despite the dental care, you may want to read this article to get an idea. Some of the experts believe that people tend to pay more attention to teeth whitening; as a result, they unknowingly commit the common mistakes. If you are still wondering about the details, the following tips may help you get a perspective.

It has been observed that people struggle with time in the morning due to many causes. Therefore, they attempt to do many things at the same time to multitask and save the time. For instance, if you are doing something else while brushing, you may not be paying attention to it like you should.  So, you may not give best in terms of cleaning the teeth from all sides. Hence, the surface level cleaning of the teeth can lead to various dental conditions.


Some of the people may be those who can over clean the brush due to the same reasons of not paying attention. For instance, disinfecting the toothbrush may make you a little obsessive in terms of not only going through the additional steps but you may be brushing the teeth harshly. This may damage the outer protective layer of the teeth. Though there may be many bacteria on your toothbrush, however, there is not any way of getting rid of all of them. Therefore, it is better you rinse your brush with fresh water on the daily basis. Similarly, keep your brush dry and separate from other brushes. The main purpose is to clean the teeth rather than focusing on the brush.

Relying Too much on the Internet
While there may be tons of information on the dental health and problems on the internet, however, it does not mean that you can rely on all the sources as the final authority. For instance, there are many DIY options that are not scientifically proven in addition to finding the causes of the diseases. The best approach is to discuss all the information gathered with a dentist to get the final view rather than following it blindly. Furthermore, the products for tooth whitening are not tested so if you can get the dentist consultation, it may make it safe for you.


According to the many studies in the research journals, there have been found a strong link between the x-rays and the different kinds of tumors. However, if people avoid x-rays due to the same concern, it may cause them harm, as the studies have not been proven. The significance of the x-rays for the dental health can be estimated from the presence of cysts or cavities in the mouth that may not be visible to the naked eye. Therefore, you can get your concerns of radiations clear from the dentist as compared to running from it.

Wet Toothbrush
If you have the habit of not drying your toothbrush before you store it in the travel bag, the bacteria may breed on it and the presence of moisture will make it worse. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you dry the brish before you pack it and if you have a hair dryer, it may help as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar
If you drink apple cider vinegar in the raw form inspired from the diet habits of famous people, you may be risking the health of the tooth enamel. Likewise, if you rinse it with water right after having the apple cider vinegar, it may not make the expected effect. Therefore, it is best to avoid the DIY and get the advice of your dentist before trying anything radical.

Ditch the Retainer

If you still have the retainers due to the braces you got in the teenage, it may be recommended that you stop using them. The main idea is that you may not be able to clean the teeth and dirt or bacteria may accumulate on your teeth.

You may overlook the habit of grinding the teeth; however, it can have implications for your dental health. For instance, the weak parts of the teeth may get chipped in addition to making the jaw bones problematic. Similarly, some of the patients complain of headaches and soreness in the mouth. In order to control this habit, the dentist may recommend you a device to reduce your tendency to grind teeth at night.

People are familiar with the side effects of smoking on the dental health; however, the relation of gum diseases and damage of the jaw bone is not discussed in detail. As the direct consequences of the gum problems, people can increase the chances of tooth loss and bad breath. Similarly, the chances of getting the best results of any dental treatment can be reduced.

Use of Tooth Pick

Traditionally people prefer to use toothpick especially when the small particles of food get stuck in the teeth.  However, the dentists are of the view that it is better to use the dental floss than going for wooden toothpicks, as they can easily break in your mouth and cause harm to the gum tissue. However, if you have extra space in between your teeth and you dread that food may get stuck, you can use the safer options of dental floss.

Some of the people are not good at maintaining good levels of water in the body or their routine does not allow them to do, as a result, it leads to the dehydration and the acid present in the mouth can dissolve the enamel of the teeth. Similarly, the production of saliva may get disturbed, which may create additional problems for the person. This is why it is important to focus on drinking enough water for not only the smooth functioning of the body functions but the dental health as well.

In simple words, if you avoid the above-mentioned common mistakes, you can maintain good oral health.

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